Monday, March 2, 2015

University Students Caress Curvaceous Singer Avril Butt As She Performs…..(See Photos)

Male students of Maasai Mara University turned a concert organized by Willy M Tuva dubbed Mambo Mseto Campus Tour into a groping session of Avril well endowed anatomy. The students on her, while others took selfies with the singers butt.

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Avril, who is engaged to a South African, however seemed to relish the attention she was receiving from the testosterone charged lads. She even went as far as posting some of the photos on Instagram.

She posted this on her Instagram page
“You see what I had to deal with… Smh (shaking my head) #SpotTheGuyWithTheYellowShirtTakingASSelfie,” the singer posted on her Instagram page.

She went on to write that MMU students had shown her things……

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