URP Senator Urges Women To Woo Tourists By Showing Of Their Br3asts….(See Details)


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The slump in tourism in Kenya has been blamed on the conservative dressing by women from the Coast region for ‘covering everything’. Speaking to the media, URP nominated Senator Emma Mburu, said that Mijikenda women should dress in scant outfit and preferably topless.

She said:

“When Mijikendas started wearing clothes, tourism slumped, besides the impact of insecurity. Could this be the reason why we attracted tourism?”

The URP senator came under scathing attack for the sentiments that were equated with fueling under-age pr@st!tut!on and other vices that are associated with s3x tourism. According to critics of the senator, some tourists flock the Coast region loaded with cash that they use to lure young girls and boys into vices that should instead be addressed.

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She castigated those blaming the Jubilee government for the dwindling tourist numbers in Kenya.

“Those are my opinions. I was only asking if the Mijikenda went back (to their culture), would we revive the tourism sector? We must find ways of revamping the sector. I once worked in the hotel sector but was fired when there was a decline in tourist numbers. Let us stop pointing accusing fingers at the Jubilee government,” she added.

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