Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Aden Duale’s Brother Given A Dog’s Beating By The KDF (See Details)

Hassan Bare is a brother to NA Majority Leader Aden Duale

The National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale brother, Hassan Bare, narrated how KDF soldiers arrested him at the Nomad Hotel main gate and drove him to a forest where they gave him a beating befitting a dog.

The elder brother of the fiery Duale recounted how soldiers pounced on him at the main gate of the Nomad Hotel, which is owned by the family, and drove him to a forest where he was tortured for about five hours. His tormentors only gave him reprieve after a senior police officers called the soldiers and ordered them to stop beating him.

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He said the soldiers made him to lie down on Kismayo road overlooking the hotel after forcibly ejecting him from his car, blindfolded and bundled him in one of the two Landcruisers the soldiers were using. He showed reporters the injuries meted on him by the KDF soldiers. He however did not disclose what could have led to the assault.


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