African Celebrities Stand in Solidarity with Kenyans After The Massacre….While Our Own Version Of Celebrities Remain Clueless…


Togolese footballer Emmanuel Adebayor is among the first celebrities who have come out to show solidarity with Kenya after the heinous murder of 147 Garissa University students.

He took to the social media with this message:
Emmanuel Adebayor

#Repost @team_adebayor・・・E_Adebayor & Team_Adebayor, we stand hand in hand with Kenya after this horrible massacre. We pray for the 147 victims and their families. #JeSuisKenya #RIP #Godprotect #Africa #Kenya

Another big artist from Mali, Fatoumata Diawara also sent her message in French:
Fatoumata Diawara

Je suis un être humain, je suis Kenyan!!! Que la paix, l Amour et la tolérance reviennent sur terre. Bonne fête à tous.

Loosely Translated
I am a human being, i am kenyan!!! That peace, love and tolerance come back on earth. Happy birthday to all.

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Meanwhile our own celebrities both locally and far afield remain clueless. No artist has come forward with a tangible show to raise funds for those affected. The same enthusiasm they showed when Westgate was attacked is lacking probably because of the class difference between the Garissa victims and those from the upmarket estate.

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