Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Al Shabaab Members Who Killed Quarry Workers & Attacked Bus Carrying Teachers Consisted Of Kambas And Kikuyus, Alshabaab Member Reveals (See Details)

The war on terror is far from over if revelations made by an Al Shabaab militant are anything to go by. An expose dubbed Terror Crossing showed how the Al Shabaab militants cross to Kenya from Somalia at will.

According to the militant, trained Al Shabaab members are in Kenya and their hundreds. He said his group consisted of over 120 members who have been deployed in different parts of the Mandera waiting for their bosses’ orders to carry out a mission. When 19 year Kenyan Somali was asked if he participated in the bus attack that led to the death of 36 teachers he declined saying that the mission was carried out by members of the Al Shabaab from the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes.

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He said the Al Shabaab members have suicide bombers, assassins and explosive experts in their ranks.

Police officers manning the Mandera border rubbished the government plans to construct a wall to deter the Al Shabaab militants from crossing to Kenya saying the welfare of the police should be taken care of and more officers deployed in the border.

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