Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Assistant Commissioner Chased From Burial Of Garissa University Massacre Victim After Claiming That Most Luhya Youths Are Al Shabaab Members(See Details)

Mourners turned their ire on Bungoma East assistant commissioner Michael Taalam for branding youths from the area as Al Shabaab members. Mr Michael was speaking during the burial of Braton Wakhungu who was among the 148 students who had been massacred at the Garissa University College by members of the Al shabaab terror group.

The assistant commissioner was forced to cut short his speech and flee after the youths descended on him. If it was not for his security detail who shielded him, the youths would have given Taalam a beating for his reckless sentiments.

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He was quoted by a section of the media as saying:

"You should not think that terrorists come from far. They even come from this place. Do you remember Elgiva Bwire from Budalang'i, the first terror suspect (sic)? He came from Luhyaland. So these people live among us……"

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