Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Church Furious With Court Decision To Allow Gay And Lesbians To Register Organization

It was a major milestone for gays and l3sbians after the High Court ruled that they should be recognized and registered by the NGOs Coordination Board. The board had in a previous occasion rejected to register the g@ys lobby on religious and moral ground.

The Anglican Church has faulted the court judgment saying it goes against Christian and Muslim teachings. Dr Wabukala, who was officiating a workshop for mother’s Union executive committee members, said that the ruling also went contrary to the Constitution Kenyans had passed. He was quoted as saying:

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“The judgement was made on very narrow considerations and it is not only against Christianity but also against the Muslim teachings and traditions”

The Archibishop urged the Registrar of Societies not to honor the court order to register an umbrella organization for g@ys and lesb!ans.

He said even our rich African traditions recognize a family unit as that of a man and woman.

“The church supports a family unit and the society at large. Families can only be formed through the right family unit.

“Any law that goes against the family values is na├»ve and should not be allowed in any country…”

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