Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Citizen TV Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi, Kimeli and Shishia Shown The Door For Allegedly Receiving Bribes From Sonko…

Citizen TV has sacked 8 of their top journalist for allegedly receiving bribes from Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko. According to Kahawatungu the journalists were paid to kill story of Mike Sonko being roughed up for bribing voters in Kajiado. Part of the article read:

8 Citizen TV’s Swahili desk staff members have been sent home after receiving bribes from Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and openly fighting for it. According to sources within Royal Media, the team received the money to kill stories and destroy video evidence of the Kajiado incidence where an angry mob almost killed Sonko and his gang after accusing him of bribing voters.

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According to sources within Royal Media, the flamboyant Senator has deep connections within all Kenyan media outlets that no story will pass if he doesn’t want it to. In his pockets are cameramen, video editors, reports and editors.

Royal Media through the leadership of Wachira Waruru seems not to entertain this and so is taking action against all those involved. The Swahili team made the media house aware of the illegal dealings after they openly fought for the money which was dished out to them.

As the 8 Citizen TV staff members cool their heels, Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena will be holding brief as the management sort out the mess.

While Royal Media is facing the vice and dealing with it, the fact that Nation Media Group, Standard Group and Mediamax are not showing any interest in addressing corruption within the media houses shows how high the vice has spread.
Most politicians own top media executives to control the news stories.

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