Diamond Ex-Girlfriend Wema Sepetu accepts offer made by 26 ‘Wanganga’ to help her conceive


Tanzanian actress and former model, Wema Sepetu, has considered an offer made to her by 26 traditional Tanzanian doctors to help her be able to conceive, says Bongo Movies.com.

The traditional doctors who hail from different regions in Tanzania have reached out to Wema asking if they could help her with the ‘problem’. Different doctors, both traditional and mainstream, called Bongo Movies at separate times wondering why Wema was suffering and struggling to get a baby, yet they are able to enable solve her problem. “You know there are some women who suffer over small matters like not being able to get pregnant.

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Wema’s case shouldn’t be one to worry about; it is treatable. Pass my contacts to her, and ask her to call me,” said one of the traditional doctors. In a bid to find out how Wema responds to the offer made, she was reached out to via phone. It is reported that she accepted to be helped by the doctors, but only under certain conditions. “There are many more people apart from the traditional doctors who have reached out to me offering to help. I have more than 400 messages sent to me via WhatsApp and several calls have been made. The truth of the matter is I am ready to be helped by them,” she responded.

“Although it will be much better if I get the consent of my lover first before they begin treating me. I have to deliberate over the issue with him, and that his thoughts too should be factored. After that…,” she concludes,” if the solution is arrived at, I will be glad to be able to conceive. “ Wema Sepetu has for the last few weeks been on the limelight after revealing that she cannot conceive, and that she had at a younger age aborted the late Tanzanian actor, Steven Kanumba’s baby.
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