Saturday, April 25, 2015

DP Ruto Skipped The Second Devolution Conference In Kisumu For Fear Of Humiliation & Why Head Of State Received Warm Reception

It has now been revealed that the Deputy President William Ruto intentionally skipped the second Devolution Conference in Kisumu after intelligence reports indicated that the locals would humiliate him.

The DP, who has been facing criticism from a section of his Rift Valley stronghold, was said to be in Congo thus failing to preside over the closure of the four day forum. Devolution PS Mwanamake Amani read the DP speech instead. The red carpet prepared for Ruto had to be rolled up. Intelligence reports had indicated that Ruto would receive a not too rosy welcome forcing him to cancel the trip. The DP is said to have extended his stay in Congo to avoid attending the conference.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta however was received with fanfare when he opened the conference on Tuesday. Ruto is criticized for his style of politics and especially the unwarranted attacks on Cord leader Raila Odinga. According to a local daily, the DP reached to a close confidante to ask him how the situation was on the ground. “I told him all was not well and I think that made him change his programme.”

ODM Chairman Dave Okwach was quoted as saying:

“He was lucky to have cancelled his visit because the ground is so hostile with him, he would not have received the warm welcome accorded to the President on Tuesday..”

Another source said apart from his attacks, his hostility with Chairman of the Governor’s council Isaac Rutto may have led to the cancelation:

“There was security concerns that he would be humiliated in Kisumu and at the conference because of a number of issue some political while some based on his stand on devolution…”

The President brand politics is more mature and he does not attack other leaders, Mr Kassim said:

“Unlike Ruto, the President has perfected the politics of maturity and never does he attack fellow leaders. He had to receive a warm welcome because of how he has handled Raila,”

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