Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fred Gumo’s Son Charged For The Killing Of A Prosecutor While Drunk

Former long serving Westlands MP Fred Gumo son, Magero Gumo, was charged in a Kibera court with causing the death of a senior state lawyer by reckless driving.

It is alleged that Magero was driving while intoxicated when his car lost control and hit Victor Inyanje’s car. Magero was also charged with reckless driving and causing injuries to five other people along the Waiyaki highway on April 3 where he also hit a matatu.

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Magero’s lawyer told the chief magistrate Judith Wanjala that Magero was admitted at the Nairobi Hospital following the accident and a reasonable bail should be granted.

The chief magistrate ordered Magero to deposit sh200,000 bail and a contact person to be examined by the trial court when the case is heard on August 5.

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