Thursday, April 16, 2015

Government Embarks On The Construction Of The Security Wall On The Kenya Somali Boarder To Ward Of Al Shabaab…Somali Accuse Kenya Of Encroaching On Their Territory..

Following the recent Al Shabaab terror attack that saw 148 killed in Garissa University, the Kenyan government has embarked on building a wall to prevent Somali terrorists from penetrating to Kenya. The 700km wall, eyewitnesses say, has already begun at the Lamu-Somali boarder.

Even with alleged opposition from the Somali government, Kenyan excavators have already cleared bushes and made way for the revolutionary wall, especially at the Lamu boarder, which supposedly has Islands that serve as hideouts for the Al Shabaab militants.

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The National Youth Service (NYS) has already commenced digging a pronounced trench at Indian Ocean’s Kenya-Somali boarder, under heavy military security.

Since the 80’s, the Kenyan Government has always promised to build a wall at the Horn of Africa, but was speeded up after the death of 148 innocent citizens.

This comes amidst lots of mixed reaction, where critics say it will turn out into a grand corruption, especially because there is no plan or budget for building the wall.

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