Monday, April 6, 2015

Clarification: We Have Since Established That The Individual Photographed With Sonko Is Not Abdullahi BUT Ahmed Nani Prince

Photos have been circulating online of the former University of Nairobi student, Abdirahim Abdullahi, who was among the vicious killers involved in the massacre of 147 Garissa University students allegedly hanging out with Sonko. He was well polished educated and an A student. How He left his well paying job to join the Al Shabab militant group has baffled many.

The photo of Sonko posing with the said terror suspect is misleading. The individual we have since established is a Somali youth known as Ahmed Nani Prince. The photo has been in heavy rotation online with many questioning what the flamboyant senator was doing with militant. Our deepest apology for Prince.
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His father, a chief, condemned the heinous murder of innocent souls who found themselves in Garissa in pursuit of higher education and not death..

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