Heroic Recce Squad Officer Dies After Killing The Al Shabaab Militants Who Had Massacred 148 Garissa University Students…


He was touted as one of the best officer among his colleagues at the elite General Service Unit squad. The 39 year old Bernard Tonui had been dispatched, along with his colleagues, to Garissa University College to neutralize four Al shabaab militants who had taken hostage 800 students. The onus was on the recce squad to bring the siege to an end and fast as the death toll had risen to 178.

Their professionalism came to play as they managed to bring down the four militants in less than an hour. Recce are trained in close quarter combat making their mission very risky affairs. At the end of the operation seven squad members had been injured. It was unfortunate that Tonui succumbed to his injuries.

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It’s a double loss to the family as his brother, Joseph Bett, who was an AP was also killed by Al-Shabaab in Garissa 2012.

An officer was quoted by a leading daily as saying:

“Ask everyone in the camp to rate him and they will tell you he was the best. He would go all his way to protect the lives of the people when called on to do so. He was a man of few words, ready to work with everyone.”

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