It Was Kalonzo Musyoka Who Wanted To Join The Government, Jubilee Counters (See ‘Indisputable Evidence’)


Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka told his party’s delegates conference that: “I’d rather die than compromise my conscience because Kenya is bigger than me 100 times.” The remarks where in reference to allegations that he was seeking to join the Jubilee government.

Kalonzo reportedly had denied goodies thrown at him by President Uhuru to ditch the opposition for Jubilee. Jubilee however state that it was Kalonzo who was making forays, through proxies, to state house to plead with Uhuru to join Jubilee.
Here is what has been put forward as evidence:
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1.His top aide, Senator Musila visited State House early this month on Kalonzo’s request.

2.Kalonzo called State House on 13th & 15th April seeking to meet the president when he got wind of the looming reshuffle in government.

3. Kalonzo is said to have requested for dropping of Senator Muthama’s graft charges & atleast 25% of government posts given to his loyalists before he merge Wiper with JAP Party.

4.Kalonzo is in CORD because Senator Muthama detest UhuRuto but he distrust Mzee Raila.

5.After jetting in from a Chinese tour Kalonzo castigated Mzee Raila in the run up to last election only to reappear a day later hand in hand with ODM supremo at KICC to announce the formation of CORD

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