Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It Was Not Al Shabaab But Local Militia Known To Politicians That Carried The Garissa University Attack, Ahmednasir Abdullahi Says

It may not have been Al Shabaab that carried out the deadly attack on Garissa University College that resulted in the death of 148 students, if Ahmednasir Abdullahi is to be believed.

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According to the controversial lawyer the killings were carried by Kenyan Somalia’s and not Somali Al-Shabaab. He took to the social media to make the damning claims that are sure to cause controversy in the country.
One of his tweets read:

“The attack in Garissa is obviously the work of Kenyan Somalis. Let us not blame Somalia’s Al-Shabaab. This is local”

He went on to castigate Kenyan Somalis and their leaders for the mindless killings of Kenyans:

“Let us be truthful to ourselves. Kenyan Somalis and their leaders must stop the senseless killings in northern Kenya. Full stop,”.

Another tweet read:

“Evidence emerged that an employee of Garissa univ related to the mastermind of the attack (Mohamed) Kuno helped the attackers in surveying (the area) for a week.”

He went on to ask politicians from the area to be truthful and own up that the attack was carried out by criminals networks from the county that are known to them.
Mr Abdullahi told a leading daily, a day after politicians from North Eastern led by Duale had promised to flush out financiers, that:

“My view is that what we saw in Garissa was a surgical strike requiring a lot of precision. Such a strike requires a lot of mapping of the target, stock piling of weapons and a clear knowledge of the university. My take is that this was a local enterprise, even the mastermind was a local”

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama was also present.

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