Friday, April 24, 2015

Kiambu MCA Goes Into Hiding After R@ping A 50 Year Old Woman In Coffee Plantation & 15 Year Girl

Politicians continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Police are looking for nominated Kiambu MCA, Jackson Njuguna Karanja, for luring a 15 year old and defiling her at Sewerage estate in Ruiru Sub County.

Police have said that the MCA has gone into hiding after he evaded them on two occasions. The officers were stationed at the Thika Law Courts in attempt to arrest him during a mention of his previous r@pe case but he never showed up after being tipped of the plan. He also failed to show up at the County Assembly in Kiambu where another team of detectives had been stationed.

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The MCA was charged in 2013 for r@ping the 50 year old in a coffee plantation at gunpoint. He was released on a Sh200,000 bond and cash bail of Sh100,000. The complainant narrated to the court how the MCA went to her home and requested to be given water. She said the accused instead pulled her into the car and drove towards Kwamaiko town at high speed.

She said:
“After the ordeal, he removed a bottle of beer from his car, drunk some and then told me he would use the rest to wash my priv@te parts to conceal the evidence….”

She told the court since then the MCA has been sending emissaries to settle the matter out of court but she flatly refused.

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