Maid Captured On Camera Breastfeeding Her Boss’s Baby….Employer Say Motive Was S3xual (See Photos)


What would be reaction if you discovered your baby was being breastfed by your house help? Well, a Nairobi house help was captured on camera breastfeeding her employer’s nine month baby.

The househelp, known as Grace Mwikali Mwema, is seen offering the baby her right breast before shifting her to the left breast to continue suckling as she sat comfortably in the sofa. The baby is seen to put some resistances. The employer was watching the events unfolding on her smart phone while at work.

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When the employer confronted househelp, who is also a mother of three, she said that the baby was touching her breasts. The infuriated employer took the househelp for a medical check-up to be tested for HIV and HIV which can be transmitted through breastfeeding. She tested negative for both.

The mother said:
“She had not left a suckling baby behind, nor aborted to justify why she was breastfeeding. The doctor confirmed this. Her motive was sexual. My child was a victim….”

“If u want to watch it live u have to have wifi in your house n r using a smartphone… I saw this act in real time, therefore I acted fast… she would denied it when we asked about, it is until we told her we have a camera that she admitted…….”
The househelp has been arrested.

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