Wednesday, April 15, 2015


By Kinyua Njeri
There comes a time when, though you love a person too much, you must let them go, at their own peril. If your woman persistently tells you she needs to walk out of your life, then, it is only manly to give the crying baby the razor she asks for!

And it is the same in politics. Some political allies are brothers with the ‘r’ between letters ‘b’ and ‘o’ silent. Their asinine obstinacy must be dealt with, manly enough-they must go!

The Jubilee government has come from far; since those days when Uhuru Kenyatta tried to court other politicians to support his bid for the presidency, in the March 2013 elections. And ironically, though he was able to get the best to his team, his plosive personality, eloquence and affinitive allure attracted even others who he did not necessarily need.

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Alone, from the shear, mention that he was on the race, Uhuru had a support base of over 4million supporters, if the IEBC voter register is anything worth going by. Mathematically, with the total number of registered voters being close to 13 million, Uhuru needed less than 3 million more votes to clear the 50%-plus-one vote threshold.

That is how other probable allies like Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Ruto et al felt they had to tie laces with Uhuru‘s seemingly winning horse. It was a period filled with awe-inspiring emotion, commotion and whimsical events. Mudavadi at one time even claimed that Uhuru, with his 4 million potential votes, should step aside for the Amani leader to be president!

Well, Charity Ngilu, Balala, Kazungu and other fallen politicians were opportunistic enough to jump into the ostensibly winning team. Kalonzo, as (un)expected made the wrong choice that deplorably booked him a place in the opposition.

But what Jubilee went wrong was sympathetically hooking and wooing people, out of utter grace (what a Christian would call undeserved mercy) political allies who would go ahead to lose the elections with immeasurable and reprehensible gravity.

That was not the main problem. Everyone took Charity Ngilu and her cohort as friends of the coalition. Yes, they are not part, but mere friends of the coalition. Or don’t you remember that they were never signatories that bore Jubilee?

Jubilee was essentially made of two parties; URP and TNA. Balala’s strange Republican, horse party and Ngilu’s NARC came far much later after the deadline for forming coalitions had elapsed. That is how NARC went ahead to ‘divide’ Jubilee votes in the entire nation. The rusty old party went ahead to win a parliamentary seat and Nyeri senator.

Yet, Ngilu and Balala brought utterly nothing to the Jubilee vote count. They went ahead to lose their senatorial bargains in the vastly CORD infested area. Let’s come back to Ngilu. While Balala learnt his woes and played calm and cool, Ngilu went ahead to soil her pitiful hands by being mentioned in graft cases. And in his wisdom, though Ngilu would not resign by herself, the president saw her off.

And now, reports say she’d be contemplating leaving Jubilee. The same Jubilee that gave her a very influential national job, when she’d be having mound, moss and other unspeakable non-flowering plants growing on her head in the opposition. The same Jubilee to where she brought unspeakable votes during the 2013 elections. The same Jubilee…

If this be the case, then the beautiful-faced politician must understand that times have changed, and the tide has risen. The tide has not left behind the voices of the Yatta and Nyika plateaus. The “Athoniwa” are now more dynamic that ever before. The wind of revolution has blown strongly in the region and soon, Kalonzo and our fine-looking madam might have to bow down for the Machakos Governor, Mutua Alfred.

This is why Jubilee should be ready to fight corruption with boundless zeal, even if (actually I should say ‘especially when’) it means seeing off such an individual. Now is the time for President Kenyatta to mean his words, walk his talk, by seeing off any unscrupulous or fraudulent fellow! He must tell them to leave Jubilee at their own peril!

{The writer is a commentator and blogger with The Informer. He is also the Secretary of Student Affairs in the TNA youth league}

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