Nkaissery, Boinett blamed for Garissa rescue hold-up


Why did Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery and Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett fly to Garissa before dispatching officers to fight the terrorists?
“Nkaissery and Boinett knew that the Kenya Defence Forces personnel at the Garissa Barracks and local police had cordoned off the campus but could not advance to where the students were being executed. What were they going there to do?” said a parent.
The parent was speaking to the Star at Chiromo Mortuary yesterday, where he had gone to identify his child.

Al Shabaab terrorists attacked Garissa University College pre-dawn last Thursday, killed 147 people and injured 79 others.

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The parent said if Nkaissery and Boinett, who flew in two different choppers, allowed the elite forces to travel first, the officers would have ended the siege in three hours.

Officers from General Service Unit’s Recce Squad were deployed at the college from Nairobi at midday in two groups.

One group travelled by air and the other by road.
The officers spent two hours being briefed by senior security officers in charge of the operation.

“The briefing should have been done while they were travelling to avoid delay. It is that time lost before the operation was commenced that gave the terrorists time to kill with abandon,” said the parent whose second-year daughter was killed.

The officers entered the campus at 4:30pm and ended the siege in less that 30 minutes.
Some relatives said they communicated with their loved ones who were held hostage inside halls where they had assembled for prayers.

The terrorists stormed the campus at 5:30am, killed two security officers and proceeded into the hostels and halls where they shot indiscriminately at the students.
They later profiled them and massacred non-Muslims.

Identification of bodies through the biometric system is ongoing.
Some 78 students had been identified by yesterday evening.

This Article First Appeared On The Star Daily

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