No Conjugal Visits Anytime Soon For Prisoners, Official State


It seems prisoners will not be exercising their conjugal rights in the foreseeable after Kenya Prisons Commissioner General Osugo said that it wasn’t a priority.
He instead said all priority areas like food, shelter and clothing in prisons must be met first. He went on to say that facilitating the conjugal visit will be too expensive at the moment.

The Prison boss was speaking at the Kapenguria GK Prison where he urged the county to support prisoners with tools for training and purchase of product to help in reforming them.

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He said:

“The county government furnishes youth polytechnics with tools and equipment. It can do the same with prisons since the youth will need the facilities once they are released”

Osugo stressed on the need of integrating the convicts back into the community saying the prison was conducting civic education.

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