Parent Receives Chilling Call From Al Shabaab Terrorists Before Killing Daughter (Read More)


A Family narrated how they received a call from Alshabab militants to inform them that their 21 year old daughter had been killed by Kenya Defence Forces.
According to a story that appeared on a local daily the terrorist blamed the KDF:

“The caller said the Kenya Defence Forces has killed their children, women and the elderly in Somalia and the attack was a revenge mission.”

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The terrorist then went on to tell him to tell the President to get rid of KDF from Somalia.

The daughter had made a frantic call earlier with information that the University was under siege. She then asked for the mother to pray for her:

“He asked me to tell her mother to pray hard because they were under attack.”

His daughter was pursuing a degree in education before she met her untimely death.
The distraught father said that he received a second call at 1pm using her daughter with the chilling information that she was no more.

“The caller was using my daughter’s phone and at 1pm they called again and insisted I should pass the information to President Kenyatta,”

“She is already gone, you just pass the information to your President,” the caller speaking in heavy Somali accent said.

“It was so traumatizing for us as a family and we pray that God will liberate us from these terrorists,” he said.
His wife Rose Nafula was in shock and could not speak.

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