Thursday, April 16, 2015


By Kinyua Njeri
Our fellow Africans from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Egypt and other African states are being butchered by their black brothers from South Africa. An increasing number of millions of Africans is pained by the ongoing xenophobic attacks.

The mass killings, which started a fortnight ago, are said to have been triggered by incitement from politicians who included the son of sex crazed South African President Zuma.

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Also, some of the inhabitants of South Africa also say that they grieve that most of the top jobs in the country are now occupied by foreigners and thus, they have found a simple way of eliminating them through public lynching and irreversible mutilation.

This has been happening while the world’s leading-white owned media gives a blind eye. CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and other media houses have adamantly refused to air the strife, for reasons unknown.

According to analysts, this could result into a much more horrific incidence like the Rwandese-Burundi genocide where hundreds of thousands were killed. These genocides, they say, were given a blind eye by international media and world organization including the UN, until the people had successfully killed each other.

South Africa has come a long way since the apartheid regime, and has always been regarded as an epitome symbol of unification of people from different tribes, races, religions and origins. Speaking at Mandela’s requiem mass last year, US president Obama hailed South Africans as ‘people of all walks of life’ who have richly ‘embraced diversity’.

But what is happening now is the total antithesis. South Africa has had a paradigm shift of its apartheid war; black men are no longer fighting against white people- they are now killing their own black brothers!

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