Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shame: This Is What Police Officers Go Through Protecting The Kenya Somali Border.....& Reason Why CNN Labeled Kenya A Terrorist Hotbed (See Photos)

Police officers situated barely 90 kms from the Kenya Somali border are exposed the worst living conditions you can imagine. The officers are expected to deter the Al Shabab officer from causing harm to the rest of us Kenyan. We are fast to accuse them when we are attacked.

The security officers are poorly enumerated and are poorly equipped to deal with the blood thirsty Al Shabaab elements and to man our borders. When CNN carried a story terming Kenya a 'terrorist hotbed' Kenyans were up in arms demanding an apology from the respected media house.

The reality on the ground however tell a different stories. Hundreds of innocent Kenyans have needlessly lost their lives courtesy of terrorist.

Check out how the officers line: