Friday, April 24, 2015

MP Nearly Kills Man After Finding Him In A Bar With His Wife

A man was given a dog's beating after being spotted in a bar with Kapseret MP, Oscar Sudi wife. According to Kibet, he had gone to Eldoret’s Bamboo Club for a round of drinks with his best friend and lady acquaintance.
He decided to get drinks from the counter after noticing all the waiters were busy serving other customers. Komen Kibet says then he heard a commotion from his table and rushed to see what was happening. The MP was assaulting the lady acquaintance. When he tried to intervene, the MP turned his anger on him. He was quoted as saying:

I had not even gone to fight, but to find out what was going on. I asked a question and the MP turned on me with kicks and punches. He demanded to know why I was with the woman, whom he claimed was his wife, as his goons descended on me……”.

Legislator was accompanied by 15 men who worked on him properly.

Komen now wants to sue the MP and insists the woman who led to his beating had left the first time legislator after the two had a baby.

When the MP was reached for his side of the story he said:

“I walked in and within minutes, there was chaos in the pub, so I walked out. I did not assault him, he was in a crowded bar,” he said. “I think he picked a fight with somebody, and since I am an MP, he wants to pin it on me because I was also in the same joint. I don’t even know why he is complaining. If you are seated with another man’s wife in a bar and you get beaten, do you blame the husband or yourself?”

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