Shocking: Recce Squad Took 17 Minutes To Kill Alshabab Militants But Took Them 5 Hrs To Travel From Nairobi By Road To Garissa…No Chopper Was Available (See Details)


The siege is over but the Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery and Police boss Boinet have come under fire for mishandling the operation. It is now emerging that it took a good 5 hours to get the specialized force known as Recce Squad to Garissa University where the Alshabab had held students hostage.

According to credible sources the Squad traveled by road to the university after the Interior Minister, Police boss and a host of other leaders had flown using all the available choppers to Garissa as mere spectators. Pundits argue that it should have been the other way round arguing that more lives would have been saved that way.

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18 Recce squad only took 17 minutes to eliminate the attackers after after 148 students had senselessly lost their lives under a hail of bullets from Alshabab militants.

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  1. The Government should have understood this by now that this are the correct people for this work especially.And put up ways of communication with this group and fast transport for them.I f they were there as earlier as KDF did then no more life could have been lost.

  2. Informer you lie! Recce used two choppers. The delay was the process of releasing them. They did not travel by road.


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