Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Some Students May Have Worked With The Terrorists & Their Rooms Used To Hide Ammunition, First Year Students Reveals….

A first year student has revealed how the Al shabaab attackers kept on going to a certain room in the dormitory to reload their ammunition whenever they ran out of bullets. The student, Amos Simiyu, told a local daily that he overhead the terrorists asking where the other ammo had been kept. The attackers, he said may have worked with some students and their rooms used to hide ammunition.

He was quoted by the same daily as saying:

“I believe that the terrorists brought in the weapons earlier than the day of the attack. I could see them go to add their arsenal from some location within the dormitory, as they asked where others had been kept."

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Simiyu was hiding beneath the staircase where he witnessed the callous murder of his fellow students. Tana River Hostel was the first to be raided by the militants. He said that when the terrorists ran out of bullets they resorted to butchering some of their victims with knives.

Simiyu credits his survival to God:

“They hurled grenades at any point they suspected there were people below the stairs but God kept protecting us as the grenades hit the wall and fell.,"

He went to say that more students would have survived had the Recce squad arrived earlier.
The attack, according to one student, lasted for three hours without any intervention.

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