Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Suspended Cabinet Secretaries Vow To Teach UhuRuto A Political Lesson….This Is What They Are Planning

The suspension of five cabinet secretaries over graft allegations by President Uhuru Kenyatta was lauded as a bold move to purge on systematic corruption that continues to bedevil his government. To show seriousness and allay fears that his Jubilee government was keen on stemming out corruption, the President ordered his CSs, who had been named on a confidential EACC report, to step aside to pave way for investigations.

What however irked the secretaries was the decision of the President to name them without telling them what they were being accused of and a chance of at least defending themselves from those serious allegations on graft. They were infuriated to find their names on the list of shame which they say has bloated their image in the public eyes. The surviving CSs insists that the Head of State should have first summoned those implicated and briefed them on the allegations leveled against before asking them to step aside.

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Ms Ngilu has stated that the accusations leveled against her amount to political witch hunt. She went on to implicate State House officials for her woes. The suspended Land CS is accused of inflating the value of Waitiki Farm in Mombasa by Sh110 million to pocket a Sh65m kickback once the farm was sold.

The suspended CSs have the backing of their colleagues who feel that the President was wrong in forcing the implicated CSs to step aside without tangible evidence of any wrongdoing. It is said that Industrialization CS Adan Mohammed was on his way out of the cabinet to join the private sector but was prevailed upon to rescind his decision. His decision was informed by the endemic corruption in the government and the challenges of ridding graft in the various departments.

Ms Ngilu, who has been vocal, wonders why ministers who are hard working are the same ones targeted in the corruption purge. The suspended Land CS has been busy trying to streamline her ministry and was lauded as one of the best performing CSs. Before her suspension, Ngilu was in the process of digitizing land records and she sees this as her undoing. She has been very close to the Head of State and in more than one occasion have been issuing title deeds to squatters in different parts of the country. Other CSs who have been suspended include; Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries CS Felix Koskei, Transport ministry CS Michael Kamau, Labour ministry CS Kazungu Kambi and Energy ministry CS Davis Chirchir.

According to Citizen Weekly the situation is said to be very bad that the CSs are contemplating not to accept their jobs back after being cleared EACC. They are plotting to embarrass to executive by tendering their resignation once they have been cleared by the commission.

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