Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Alshabab Militants Spent The Night At A Hotel Associated With A Powerful Politician Before The Killings

It is now emerging that the four Alshabab militants who committed the heinous murder of 147 students at Garissa University College had spent the night at Garissa hotel linked to a powerful county politician.

What is however not clear is if the hotel management had asked for the identity of the militants who proceeded to unleash unprecedented terror at the University at around 5.30am.

According to intelligence sources the gunman, who are all Kenyans, sneaked to the country through the Lag Badana Bushbush National Park some weeks before the attack.
Militants usually use the Ifo border near Dadaab refugee camp. Using the distant route that is almost 419 kilometres from Garissa town is seen as a new strategy given the flimsy security offered by the president of Jubaland Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe administration.

Police are still trying to unravel how the terrorists managed to bring the deadly weapons without being noticed. The militants had with them four suicide vests, 12 hand grenades and four AK47 rifles.

They are also said to have surveyed the institution by attending lectures to familiarize themselves with the students.

The attackers are said to have been dropped in the University by two Probox vehicles before speeding off.

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