Thursday, April 9, 2015

Unbelievable: This Is The Salary A RECCE Squad Officer Takes Home In A Month-Peanuts(See Payslip)

Recce Squad Officers

The heroics of the GSU Recce squad unit in subduing the Al shabaab elements in less than 12 minutes have made headlines across the country. The officers have been hailed as heroes and rightly so.

Many believe that many lives would have been saved if the officers had arrived at the University in good time. Kenya lost 147 young men and women who had gone to the county in pursuit of higher education at the Garissa University College.

Here is the payslip of a Recce squad officer and reactions from Kenyans:

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The payslip of a GSU Recce officer. Billions will be spent on acquiring gadgets for cops but no pay rise for them.


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