Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Louie B Is Regarded As The Best In Kisumu

Born and raised mostly in the Nyanza area of Kenya, Kisumu, Louie B began his music interest and journey rhyming along other music and bedroom freestyle for his cousins.
His first move came when in high school where he started rhyming with fellow rappers and writing poems.

In 2011, he joined Maseno University, where he released his first 2 main freestyles named Ghostmode and Greatest, which caught the attention of a few people who encouraged him to push harder.

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Later in the same year, he teamed up with 2 producers and rappers called Peter Mwema and Job Barasa. Together they recorded Louie B`s first debut single called I Feel No Pain. This created lots of buzz around Maseno, the second single was called I Got My City, produced by Peter Mwema, which pushed him to be known around and get various offers to record more music.
In June 2014, Louie B met an old friend, Robatoz the Badman ( Batoz Music) where he recorded Mwambie Ilete, his first official video which has helped put him on a good spot.
Currently he is working under Inkverse Music and Fivestar Records.


Louie B Kenya said...

thank you for the support

Rita Mumbi said...

He is talented and super good at what he does.
I cannot wait for more and possibly a collabo with him in the near future.