Sunday, May 3, 2015


By Kinyua Njeri
The frenzy about the World Boxing Championships is now gone. Brothels that promised to give ‘free honey’ have already gone ahead to do it. The judges have recorded, Mayweather and Pacquiao are having their rough time and the fans and supporters, as well as sycophants and traitors are cheering. Finally, Mayweather takes the win, closely, but clearly. Pacquiao and supporters scream out painfully, but the race is done!

Then, watching the frenzied match, I remember of a guy from my country, who people say is Obama’s friend. Just like the boxers, he is a hero. He is an image of the political ‘industry’. Some even say he is a god/goddess. But there are things that make him more of Pacquiao than Mayweather. Here are some of them:

5.Raila and Pacquiao have both participated in hotly public anticipated contests.
This is not a small deal. Millions of eyes across the globe have witnessed these two people race for glory. The two have had the public on their side, funs, supporters, sycophants and traitors too! Both Raila and Pacquiao know how it feels to be in a hotly contested race!

4.Both are icons in their respective fields, and have come from far
Pacquiao is one of the guys who have really worked hard in the boxing scenes. All the way from his Philippines nation, this powerful fighter has boxed his way to international glory. He has knocked out several people along his way, and now, trounced all to gala the world’s boxing throne!

And Raila is no different. He is a person who has come from far, and is an icon in the history of Kenyan politics. This has earned him a place, higher than every other. All the way from the early 80s, Raila Odinga has been in the frontline, fighting for democracy, and, definitely, supremacy!

3.Both are the most preferred candidates in their respective contests
If you followed closely, no one had as much support as Pacquiao before the match. He enjoyed a wholesome support from all across the globe. As it was anticipated, the whole world joined against the United States. It was, as famous in Kenyan politics, 41 against 1. Everyone wanted to settle the scores against this ‘self-imposed’ superpower. And it worked superbly for the Pacquiao fan base, as evident whenever his punches were successful.

Back to Raila Odinga. The same is also true. The highly reputable Kenyan politician has had more support than any other person alive. Apart from the NARC, 2002 Kibaki win, nobody has enjoyed such reputation and support from Kenyans, like Raila Odinga. Just like his boxing counterpart, he is very plosive and charming when he stands before a crowd. People yell their enthusiasm out, whenever Pacquiao or Raila thrills them with a punch, or Kitendawili.

2.Losing for Pacquio, losing for Raila
If there is something we must agree, then it is the fact that both Raila and Pacquiao have successfully lost at the moment they needed victory most. Though both are obvious winners in other junior matches, they seem so unfortunate for the highest, most valued match! The throne has always appeared impossible for Raila. And the WBC battle was a wall for Pacquiao. This is one of those very painful, peculiar, but real similarities.

1.Disputing results
Now, at personal level, both Raila and Pacquiao are individuals who never believe in losing. This, I want to believe, could be a result of their appraisable self-esteem. They are two individuals who believe in winning, a virtue also carried in the great scientists and heroes of this old planet. But unlike for Faraday, who admitted that he is not necessarily perfect, by trying 10,000 times to invent a bulb, Raila and Pacquiao do not admit when they lose.

Unlike Nelson Mandela who said that he is not a saint, unless a saint means a person who keeps trying, Raila and Pacquiao believe that they must win at all time, a perfect win! Thus, Pacquiao disputed the results and insisted that he needs a rematch. He could not believe he had lost at a mode score of 116-112. He said that he believed that he was the winner, even after three fair and transparent judges spelt out that indeed, he had lost!

And he is not different from his Kenyan political counterpart. Raila Odinga has now become proverbial in screaming that results are bias against him. In his disfavor, he believes, elections are always rigged. Just like Pacquiao insists on a rematch, Raila Odinga has always wanted to have elections redone. The only difference is that while the former has once conceded defeat, the latter has never, since he joined politics in the early 80s.

{The writer is a commentator with The Informer, and current Secretary of Student Affairs at the TNA Youth League.}

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