Tuesday, May 5, 2015


By Kinyua Njeri

Floyd Mayweather might have beaten Manno Pacquiao in last Saturday's World Boxing Championship fete.

But that does not overwrite the fact that #PACMAN is a hero.
#Mayweather is the CHAMPION and Pacquiao the HERO.

What's the difference?

You see, a champion is a person who fights the rest to become the standing one, THE CHAMPION, the single one.
On the other hand, a HERO is one who helps and inspires others to be great, like him, or even better.

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A champion can destroy everything to clear his way to success.
A hero maintains constructive ways to the very end.

A champion lives life, and does things for his own gain and sake.
A hero lives life for other people, and is selfless!

That is why Pacquiao, the hero, gave half of his WBC fortune to charity.
Asked whether he'd give his money to poor Africans, the champion, Mayweather, told journalists that Africa has done nothing for him.

While heroes never die, champions have a mortal reputation, and are forgotten when dead.

When die, heroes become even more reputable. But we get a replacement for any Champion who dies.

Champions give up when they fail. Heroes do not need to win to gain courage. Heroes become even stronger, when they’ve lost.

That is why, despite their deaths, heroes like Martin Luther, Dedan Kimathi, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and even Jesus still reign today.

Friends, let’s work hard to be Heroes, not Champions!

{The writer is the TNA’s Youth League Secretary for Student Affairs, and one time aspirant for the Moi University Students Organization (MUSO) Chair.}

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