Thursday, May 21, 2015

Floviance Owino Facing Death In China For Drug Trafficking Won’t Be Executed, Lawyer Says

Chances of Floviance Owino being executed are almost nil, according to the family lawyer. The lawyer said that not a single Kenyan has ever been executed in China and Floviance Razan Owino won’t be the first one.

He said that her sentence would either commuted to a life sentence or a fixed-term sentence. He was quoted by the Nation as saying:

“Not a single Kenyan in China has been executed so far, not even those with worse crimes than Ms Owino. I can confidently say that execution is out of the question”

He went on to say:

“Ms Owino’s case is now up for review because she was sentenced in 2013. The two likely outcomes are that she will either serve a life sentence or a fixed term sentence after which she will be released, given a letter of completion and brought back to Kenya”

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The lawyer said that an English-speaking lawyer has been assigned to Ms Owino to ensure that she get a fair trial during the review hearing.

Mr Okweh Achiando also said plans are underway to have the family visit Ms Floviance in jail. The family has not heard from 2013 when she left the country after a disagreement with her husband.

Floviance sister, Tamara Owino, went on to thank the government for the help they have offered so far:

“We are hopeful that my sister will come home one day and we would like to thank the government of Kenya and our lawyer for their efforts to help my sister,” she said.

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