Thursday, May 21, 2015

Heavily Armed Al Shabaab Militants Take Over Garissa, Traitors Warned Of Dire Consequences….Days After Ethiopia Stormed Police Post (See Details)

Panic gripped Garissa after Al Shabaab militia stormed two mosques in Ijara Sub-county and proceeded to force terrified worshippers to listen to them bash the Kenya government, security officials and civil servants for close to two hours.

Although no local was harmed they drove their point home-fear among ‘traitors’-before disappearing to the nearby Boni forest. This comes a day after heavily armed Ethiopian soldiers in 10 vehicles took over a police station in North Horr and promised to return.

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The Al Shabaab who took over Tumtish and Kabasalo villages at around 6 p.m and forced the worshippers to listen to their twisted ideology before proceeding to name spies and traitors. The military was caught flat footed once again given that Kabasalo is barely 10km from Hulugho military post while Tumtish has a KDF post barely eight kilometers away.

The group was led by a wanted Al Shabaab militant known as Mohamed Bilal. It is reported that the group split into two with Bilal leading the one that stormed Kabasalo mosque. Hulugho OCPD Caleb Matoke was quoted by a leading daily as saying:
“we received intelligence that the two groups were led by a wanted terror suspect called Mohamed Bilal.”

Mr Matoke told the media that about 25 militia took part in the raids believed to have been organized Mohammed Kuno who has a Sh20 million bounty placed on his head. Kuno alias Gamadhere is said to be behind the siege at Garissa University that saw 148 innocent Kenyans killed.

The militants demanded for names and homes of local chiefs, police reservists and details of police stations and military posts. A man is said to have been taken from the mosque for intense questioning.

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