Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kenyans will Make The Biggest Blunder By Not Electing Raila Odinga In 2017 As President....(See Details)

Raila Odinga is one of the most loved if not misunderstood Leader in Kenya. He has missed the Presidency by a whisker twice. The first time he was rigged out in the most blatant fashion you can ever imagine. The country was plunged in chaos but he, unlike other African leaders, decided to let go and play second fiddle to Kibaki who constantly humiliated.

Our contributor Tobby Dante takes a look at the man who should be the President of Kenya….

Forget the nonsense by Miguna Miguna hurriedly written Peeling the Mask and Kidneys for the Kings that criticise Raila Odinga. It is rightly said that with greatness comes opposition and the presence of an enemy only proves that at one time he stood for what he believed in.

Raila is the best president Kenyans could ever have, the great leader has already been to hell and back for the country, there is no greater sacrifice than a man who sacrifices his own privileges for the sake of others. Isn't that why we constantly thank Jesus, for his sacrifice? So it’s no one but Kenyans loss for not having him as the President they would have been lucky to have.

For the country, he has given up personal interests. First, through detention, torture and exile in the 1980s and 1990s. Secondly, the sacrifice he made for Kenya by giving up his 2007 election victory and agreeing in 2008 to come in a National Coalition in the national interest. What sacrifice has son of Kenyatta made for the country born on a silver platter sacrifice is a word he learnt to enrich his vocabulary.

Even Mandela, Africans hero did not want Uhuru at his funeral this was communicated through his wife Graca to him he was an illegitimate leader.

On the other hand Rt Hon Raila Amolo Odinga received his invitation from South African President and Mandela’s Funeral Committee to attend as dignitary in the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The letter glorified similarities of Raila’s sacrifices for democracy, justice, human rights, change, unity and nationhood.

It’s sad that other states recognize Raila worth except Kenya.
Uhuru's standing with KANU in 2002 with Moi being his endorser shows that he stood for the status quo in Kenya despite the fact that Kenyans had suffered greatly in Moi's hands and this only proved that he was not interested in change and believed the poor will always be poor while the rich remain rich at the expense of the poor.

Uhuru now pretends that he is for the poor, how could he understand what poverty is? It takes a person who has seen suffering to understand the suffering of others. Raila had been the leader of Langata since time immemorial representing the biggest slum in Kenya Kibera, and through his torture and detention he has seen a day or two without food.

Raila is way more than what Kenya deserves and Kenyans should have jumped at the opportunity to have a leader like him but if they could not see this then they deserve all the Uhuru government is bringing their way with corruption scandals everyday.


Benta Adhiambo said...

very well put

Anonymous said...

You're a pathetic sycophant with the likes of the pathetic Benta Adhiambo of the Bunge la Mwananchi fame! RAO only sacrificed (if you call it that way - clearly it isn't) just to rise to power. Having been MP for Kibera for 21 years and still just made it an example of what engulfing poverty can be, what can Kenya expect? To turn Kenya the way he turned Kibera?! Stupid minds! UK has the biggest headache right now; turning Kibera around to look like the rest of Kenya; simply cleaning up RAO shit in Kibera!

Richard said...

True to the core. Raila is way much ahead in leadership than Uhuru. In actual fact Uhuru's interest in presidency is for his individual and afew kenyans. He isn't much for you and me. Infact this country is more divided on tribal lines than ever. The Kikuyu youth have been brainwashed. They worship him and chest thumb as if they are special yet they die with second generation alcohol wallowing in poverty. A wave of enlightment is very needed than ever before. Someone need to redeem them this bondage of thought.