Meet Kenyans Who Hustled Their Way To The Top….Hard Work Truly Pays


Story By Tobby Dante
Here are Kenyans who fought their way to the pinnacle of their careers.

Larry Madowo.
He has made The Trend one of the most popular program on TV today. Larrry Madowo has not always had it easy, let the fluent English not get you to thinking he is some lavington bred boy whose luck came on a silver platter. The highly rated news anchor left his home town in Siaya to attend his first interview in Nairobi. He lived with his aunty and he assisted his aunt in selling tea, ugali, mandazi and all types of food to traders at Gikomba.

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You will not believe where Alfred Mutua started from, he is perharps the only performing governor and a very intellectual person, this illustrious man had a very humble beginning. Meet Dr. Alfred Nganga Mutua born on 22nd August 1970 in Masii, Makueni District. He started school at Toi primary school in Kibera, went to Dagoretti High School for his O-levels and to Jamhuri High School for his A-levels.
“Mimi ni mtu wa mtaa,” he said in an interview with Capital FM.
The father of three holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Whitworth College, U.S.A, a Master of Science Degree in Communications from Eastern Washington University, U.S.A and a Doctorate in Communication and Media from the University of Western Sydney, Australia.
When he was younger he was a lecturer at Daystar University and an assistant professor at Zayed University in Dubai.
Did you also know that his first job was at mjengo (koroga) where he worked building a stone fence?

As the queen of Kenya’s Instagram, many can say they know who Huddah is, the girl who travels all over and lives a lavish lifestyle.
But nothing is really known about her past and where she came from. However recently she posted a photo of herself next to a garbage dump in the slums of Kibera claiming that she grew up in a neighbourhood just like it (Well we’ll take her word for it).

Octo is the one Kenyan celebs that can proudly said he has left his mark not only in Kenya but abroad as well. From working with the UN to going on tour in European countries, Octo has truly ‘arrived’.
But of all his accomplishments, I would only hail him for one thing, he remembers where he came from and that’s the slums of Kibera.
Anyone would tell you that Kibera is among the humblest of humble when it comes to neighborhoods. And when you talk dirt poor, well you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought it originated from the slums of Kibera.
But Kibera’s finest, Octo, has done well to create a positive brand around his home mentioning it every time in his songs: “Namba Nane”.

Oliech too lived in the country’s largest slum. His talent saw him kick poverty out of the way. Oliech was proudly representing Kibera on the international stage before he was met with numerous controversies that smeared dirt on his CV making him ‘irrelevant’.

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