Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shame: Boni Khalwale Accused Of Impregnating A Girl Then Forcing Her To Ab()rt (See Details)

Courtesy: CrazyAfricans
Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale, is on the spotlight after a middle aged lady named, Ivy, exposed his randy ways on social media.

According to Ivy, who is young enough to be Khalwalwe’s daughter, the s3xy hungry Senator impregnated her and later forced her to @b()rt.

“People like Khalwale should be jailed. He impregnated and asked me to @b()rt. I am not a murderer.” She ranted.

Ivy also disclosed that the fiery Senator is addicted to young girls and he has been using them like tissue papers to satisfy his s3xual needs.

“Khalwale should be arrested, he uses girls and asks them to @b()rt, am a victim so are others out there.” She added.

During a recent interview with a local daily, Khalwale bragged about how he started being a ladies’ man from way back in campus. He attracted ladies like a magnet during his days as a student at the University of Nairobi.

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This always put him at loggerheads with his wife since he got married at a very young age.

As they say, old habits die hard but as a leader, Khalwale should set a good example and stop destroying the lives of young girls.

Here’s what Ivy posted;

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