Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sp3rm donation,now sperm washing whats next... sp3rm trade?

By Tabby
Kemri has devised a new method which HIV positive positive men and women can bear children.
Women living with HIV can now conceive without infecting their partners thanks to a new technology known vaginal insemination.

Likewise, HIV positive men will be in a position to bear children without infecting their partners through an Aids prevention method which researchers have called “sperm washing”.
In the new study by Kemri, the vaginal insemination will involve sperm being collected from a man into a non-lubricated condom or a cup.
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It will then be taken from the condom and gently inserted inside the woman’s birth canal using a needleless syringe.
Sp3rm 'washing’, according to Kemri, is a means of HIV prevention which involves the collection of semen from a man who is HIV positive.

The s3m3n is washed in the laboratory to remove the virus.

The washed sp3rm will then be placed inside the woman through intrauterine insemination (IUI).Already, a number of mothers involved in the study have given birth to HIV free children,
This is a new methods geared towards HIV prevention by preventing the number of new infections


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