Saturday, May 2, 2015

This Is Why Ruto Will Not Stop Crying Anytime Soon…He Is Finished (See Details)

The political fortunes of Deputy President William Ruto continue to dwindle with every passing day. According to Muthui Mkenya those fighting him are no political lightweights and will ensure that by 2017 he is relegated to political oblivion.

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Here a list of the powerful forces fighting the DP in Rift Valley courtesy of Muthui Mkenya:

1. All his senior political backers from the Rift Valley

2. All his financial backers from the Rift.

3. The Moi family and his orphans

4. People who do not support land grabbing and its patron – example is the Langata Primary school pupils

5. All Kenyans apart from those who go for handouts at Harambee House annex

6. Farmers in the Rift. There are allegations doing rounds in Rift Valley that some of his associates imported cheap maize from neighbouring Nations and sold it to NCPB

7. His erstwhile friend and Uhuru’s political advisor, Joshua Kuttuny

8. Ex URP strong masses in the Masai, Pokot and Somali communities.

9. The survivors of 2007 post election violence -mainly immigrant communities in Rift Valley (Kikuyu/Gusii/Luyha) dont forget Joshua Kutuny is a political advisor to Uhuru based at Harambee house.

10. Mau Forest settlers!

Does he have a chance?

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