Thursday, May 21, 2015

Uhuru Has Been A Talking President With No Substance, Raila Did Nothing As PM..We Need New Faces

Our contributor, Tobby Dante, feels it’s high time Uhuru vacated the office for a new face. She feels that Uhuru has nothing new to offer Kenyans. Raila is also bashed for wasting the years he was a Prime Minister to build his legacy. Tobby is a student at Catholic University..

We are tired of the same people lying to us over and over again, 2017 we want wholly new lies. Asking for a decent politician is asking to find a needle In a haystack, but atleast 2017 we will be decent enough to vote in new lies and new empty promises.

Raila had been the member of parliament of Langata for 20 years. What did he do while he was the Prime minister and had almost equivalent powers to the president, nothing. He did nothing for the biggest slum in Kenya that 3/4 consists of his supporters. I wonder what he has to offer to 42 plus million Kenyans.

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Raila Odinga foments trouble wherever he goes. Charity begins at home and it seems everything that Raila touches dies. In FORD Kenya he disagreed with Wamalwa, KANU Raila disagreed with Moi, NARC he disagreed with Kibaki and he even disagreed with Kalonzo at one time. What can such a man do to a country except bring disunity. We will not risk our countries fragmentation for the sake of his political ambitions.

Failure is Raila's legacy and if he did nothing for Kenya as the Prime minister his Okoa Kenya campaign should be in fact Okoa Raila since 2017 we are not voting him in.
Uhuru on the other hand has shown to be a political green horn. We were ignorant enough to maintain the status quo and elect him the first time. The second time we are wiser.

If he cannot control his own Deputy President, then the man is weak the frequent holding hands and passing notes in public is lame. For all we know those notes could contain a joke about how Kenyans are stupid enough to vote for them.

It is a no wonder the Deputy President cried when Jubilee won. He Couldn't believe how rich he would become. He is maintaining his legacy as a hustler and really hustling his way to the top under Uhuru's watchful eye.

It’s a shame that they even have our political calender planned. It seems the choice is no longer for Kenyans. But they can plan all they want but in 2017 they can decide on which way best way to go home.

State house needs new faces. It’s not fair that he knew the place as a boy and owns the place as a man and becomes a frequent visitor in the future. During the campaign Uhuru was non committal to state the size of land the family own, but it is said it is the same size as Nyanza. His defence is that he is simply an heir but he has the choice to right the wrong that his father did but he chooses not to.

In a country faced with the problem of IDP's if he was a good leader sacrificing a part of his land for the people wouldn't be such a bad move. But like the leaders before him it is always never enough.

In 2017 we are not asking for holier than thou leaders, we are simply asking for new names in the political arena. Let it be about someone else. We cannot stand the same mistakes by the same people over and over again.

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