Uhuru & Ruto Are Inseparable And They Will Still Emerge Victorious In 2017


The Presidential elections in Nigeria, where President Jonathan Goodluck luck run out after being trounced by Muhammadu Buhari, has buoyed Raila Odinga and his CORD team. It’s a rarity in Africa for an incumbent President to concede defeat after only one term in office. Will CORD really win? Here is why Ruto is the real deal and the President needs him.

The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga nearly trounced Kibaki in 2002 thanks to the political wizardry of Ruto . Raila and his team disputed the 2002 general elections that led to deaths and destructions of property. The current Deputy President, William Ruto, was a close ally of Raila and he showed verve and gave the campaign unraveled energy. The two parted ways after Raila, the then Prime Minister, sacked William Ruto as the Kenya Higher Education Minister over corruption allegations.

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Ruto formed an alliance with Uhuru Kenyatta and the two were unstoppable. They campaigned vigorously while urging their supporters to register in their number. They sailed through. Raila on his part was busy singing on podiums bado mapambano. Will the same script read prior to the 2017 elections?

An election is about numbers and I don’t see a situation where Uhuru will ditch Ruto for another running mate. The Deputy President has faced rebellion from Governors, especially Isaac Ruto and some MPs in Rift but that will not count for anything. Isaac Rutto will be swatted like a fly. Even after being implicated in corruptions dealings and land grabbing, Ruto still remains popular in the Rift.

It’s mere speculation that William Ruto popularity has been wilted. That’s a fallacy. I foresee Musalia Mudavadi joining their camp in 2017 given that Wetangula is firmly in CORD.

As mentioned elsewhere its nearly impossible to dislodge a sitting president from office. Uhuru and his cable of Kikuyu wheel dealers are not asleep and will use the IEBC to ensure that he finishes his second term. The IEBC has been blamed by CORD of being biased in the last two general elections. If IEBC will still be in office what will make them different?

The President’s amiable nature has worked for him. He, unlike his Deputy, is sociable and does not play confrontation politics. If all goes according to plan the President will make roast meat of Raila come 2017.

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