Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What Do Women Representatives Really Do? They Are A Total Waste Of Space…

Women Reps have come under fire for doing very little if anything. Tobby Dante shares her thoughts on the subject….
It was fashionable for women to clamour for gender inequality, and criticise male domination in the Kenyan politics scene. The most notable figures during Moi’s and Kibaki's regime was Charity Ngilu and Martha Karua who showed they could match their male counterparts. Shebesh was another firebrand politician played a critical role in the opposition.

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The architects of the constitution envisioned a situation where women would be represented by their own. This is what informed the creation of Women Representative. However, after frequent complaints about being down played suddenly they are quiet. we would all love to believe that their silence is golden and they are believers in actions speak louder than words but we can hardly note any solid project they have undertaken for women ,or the country maybe the first lady Margret Kenyatta should be the only woman rep after Save a Life campaign.

The speaker of the national assembly Justin Muturi raised havoc when he suggested that the women rep seats should be scrapped off since in two years they have nothing to show.

When asked about it the only justification they gave was that their achievements had not been featured by the media. It’s without a doubt the media wouldn't miss a project conducted by an official, or a campaign to reduce the number of still births. So what are this achievements they speak of that the media has not featured?

Suddenly after finally getting into power they had so much fought for now their argument is they are being dismissed. Am starting to think they were too cowardly in the past to compete with men hence took an advantage to claim a sit for their selves. Methinks they wanted the food chewed and swallowed for them too.

The women leaders maintain that as new entrants in the political arena, they cannot compete actively in Parliament with their male colleagues, who have been at it for ages. They accuse those making the comparisons of being unfair.

“We play an important role in Parliament, but given influential titles in the National Assembly, most of us only get an opportunity to speak from 5pm after seasoned MPs have made their contributions. We also speak in committees, but the media somehow prefers to report what our senior male colleagues say.” What women leaders have probably not come to terms with is that they are held to a higher moral standard than male politicians. Unfortunately, the un becoming and scandalous conduct of a couple of women representatives seems to have overshadowed the performance of those who are doing a good job" Pricilla Nyokabi the women Rep Nyeri said .

They could give all the excuses they deem fit but all we know is if the yapping they did before power would be implemented in their jobs then it would no longer be a male dominated country.

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