Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wife Chops Off Husband Manh@@d After He Denied Her S3x

A man is nursing serious injuries on his member after his enraged wife severed it. It is alleged that the man who resides in Githurai 44 had denied the wife S3x and instead given her Sh 1,000 to pay for their son’s fees.
The 32 had been drinking thus hindering his ability to perform. He was quoted a section of the media has saying:

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“I had taken a lot of alcohol the previous night so I felt like I had wet the bed. But when I reached out to touch the bed I felt something sticky like blood. She had gone away for two days after we disagreed over the weekend, and when she came back on Monday, she said I must have s3x with her to prove that I loved her. ”

The woman has disappeared since the committed the heinous act…

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