Monday, May 18, 2015

William Samoei Ruto Is Kenya Most Valuable Politician (See Details)

He was born in poverty and rose to become Kenyan most powerful politician. Love or hate him, Deputy President William Ruto is a key political player every Presidential candidate would want on his side. He reminds one of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, on his more youthful days.

When Ruto had combined forces with Raila they trounced Kibaki although the elections were rigged in favor of the then President. The country was plunged in chaos leading to a power sharing deal between Kibaki side and that of Raila-the former being the President and latter the Prime Minister.

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Raila went on to take Ruto for granted. He sacked Ruto as the Minister for Higher education creating a rift that has not healed to date. The then Prime Minister thought that he would still bag the Rift Valley but he was dead wrong. He had defecated on their son and they would do the same to them.

William Ruto jumped ship and formed an alliance with Uhuru Kenyatta. The two faced crimes against humanity for the attacks in late December and early January 2008. Very few outside Central and Rift Valley imagined that UhuRuto will be victorious but the campaign they put was classical. It must be said that Ruto will go down as a political genius. President Uhuru Kenyatta case has since been terminated for lack of sufficient evidence while the DP case is still ongoing.

The rebellion against Ruto in Rift Valley by some URP renegades is best compared to a storm in a tea cup. The Kalenjin are said to be very secretive people who cannot be disintegrated and will want to see Ruto in the ballot come 2022. In other words, Ruto command unassailable support in the Rift.

Ruto has been the toast of social media with many followers of CORD calling him a thief for alleged land grabbing and receiving kickbacks while the Jubilee side staunchly support him. One senses sour grapes from the Cord side for Ruto decision to dump Raila in favour of Uhuru.

Uhuru is well aware that he badly needs the DP by his side if he is to clinch the Presidency in 2017. The DP has been mentioned in numerous corruptions dealing but the President hasn’t said a word.

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