Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anti-Waiguru Protestors Set Ablaze Clinics and Demolish Toilets In Kibera…Who Is Behind The Demo’s? (See Details)

CS Anne Waiguru troubles are far from over after Kibera residents set ablaze all projects by the National Youth Service. This follows allegations that she attempted to swindle over Sh800 million, accusations she has vehemently denied.

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Raila had asked for investigations to unravel the extent of corruption in Waiguru’s ministry. Supporters of Waiguru yesterday took to the streets to support the CS and asked Raila to leave her alone to continue with her good work. The demo was well orchestrated as the young men and women wore green T-Shirts giving the impressions that they were paid to participate in the protest.

The former Prime Minister supporters reportedly demolished toilets that had been built by the NYS and set ablaze Kamukunji clinic in Kibera. They also blocked access roads to Kibera.

Here are photos of the protests:

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