Monday, June 15, 2015

Bodies of Killed Al Shabaab Militants Paraded in Lamu For Viewing….Residents Hurl Stones At The Bodies (See Photos)

Photos: Reuters
Lamu residents were allowed to view the bodies of 11 Al Shabaab militants who were killed by KDF soldiers after they attempted to storm their base. The angry residents were restrained by officers from kicking and hurling stones at the bodies of the terror group that has brought misery in Lamu.

The terrorists, said to be numbering in their hundreds, were killed on Sunday at Baure area after their attempt to attack the KDF base was thwarted by the gallant soldiers.
One resident was quoted by the Star as saying:

“I can’t believe these guys are here (sic). Even in death, I hate them so much. If they could feel my pain, I would have struck them with stones but I know it will not help,"

"I know if the police were not here, people would have done damage to these fools. They are fools even in death."

Two white terrorists were among the eleven who were killed and their bodies preserved at the Mpeketoni sub-district mortuary. Two KDF soldiers were also killed in the surprise attack.

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The Al Shabaab chief leader of the Coast region Lukeman Osman, also known as Shirwa, and his two deputies Said Hamasa and Thomas Evans were also felled by the KDF. Hamasa is said to have been a prominent businessman who owned a fleet of Matatus in Mombasa before he joined Al Shabaab.

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