Exposed: Prove That Mike Sonko Is Indeed Broke……..(See Details)


Flamboyant Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko may be broke. He recently hit the news when it was reported that he had been thrown out of his Karen home for failing to pay rent. Shortly after it was reported that Sonko had sold some of his properties in Coast to settle his debts.

Then we were treated to another drama that his Sonko Rescue Team staff had downed their tools for non-payment of their salaries. A local tabloid featured an article on Sonko’s Rescue and if it was really functioning or dead.

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Now a carpenter from Kilifi is accusing Sonko of conning him Sh500,000. According to Peter Maina Nderitu, Sonko had ordered for an executive chair, foot stool and table for President Uhuru which he was to pay.

The carpenter delivered the items to Sonko’s farm house expecting to be paid only for Sonko to start playing hide and seek games with the poor carpenter. He had to travel twice to Nairobi to seek audience the Senator who promptly went underground.
Nderitu was quoted by a tabloid as saying:

“It has been a marathon of unanswered calls and texts to Sonko with the only time the Senator answered being a text message saying he receives over 40,000 messages besides having classes to attend.”

Sonko denied the allegations saying he was not a con:

“I know where I buy my furniture and I am not in the habit of defrauding Kenyan’s of their money,” he said, adding that “besides, I would not buy a chair at half a million when the same can furnish an entire church or perform some other worthy charity.”

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  1. I don't think sonko is broke. Y'all just hating on him. And his rescue team is as alive as y'all can't imagine. He was in ruai kamulu with his rescue team a few weeks ago. You journalists need to dig deeper before making your falseful conclusions. When a politician is doing so good at helping Kenyans, you complain. When another is sleeping on his job. You still aren't okay. And then you say they are all greedy, they might be but for pit sake. Exempt sonko. He's one of a kind and can't con anyone for that matter. Jeez!!!!


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