Monday, June 15, 2015

Gallant KDF Kill Al Shabaab Commander Shirwa & Briton Thomas Evans In Botched Lamu Attack

It has now emerged that the KDF soldiers who were attacked by Al Shabaab fighters in their Lamu camp managed to kill Al Shabaab commander Shirwa and Briton militant Thomas Evans, reports the Reuters.

The Briton was among the 11 militants who were killed after they attacked a military base in Lamu County.

Al Shabaab, who have confirmed they took part in the weekend attack, claimed that they killed many Kenyan soldiers but did not give an exact figure. The militant group is known for giving higher death toll than officials.

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Al Shabaab’s Luqman Osman Issa popularly known as Shirwa, who is said to have led the Mpeketoni attack that saw 65 people killed, was among those killed by the KDF according Colonel Obonyo.

The KDF Spokesman told Reuters:

"This is a big victory for us and also a major setback for al Shabaab because now there is no mainstream commander in the Lamu area…" The body of Shirwa is being preserved at a morgue in Mpeketoni.

Also killed is Thomas Evans who converted to Islam at the age of 19 and went by the name of Abdul Hakim.

Obonyo was quoted by Reuters as saying:

"But we cannot be certain sometimes looks can be deceiving. The necessary forensic investigations are being done including a DNA test I understand”


Rob Kirbyson said...

Why is there not one drop of blood or bullet hole on those 'bodies'?

Francis Onyango said...

Rest in peace of beloved soldiers

Francis Onyango said...

Rest in peace of beloved soldiers