Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Is The Kisii Man Who Was Caught Having S3x With A Sheep….He Has Violated Another Sheep Before (See Photos)

A 35 year old man was caught in a maize plantation having s3x with a neighbor’s sheep. The incident that took place in Karanjee village in Limuru left the residents dumbfounded.

According to the locals, Christopher Momanyi was found mounting the sheep that was bleating in a maize plantation. The culprit, who was naked, took off but could not out-sprint the young men who were in hot pursuit.

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A neighbor was quoted by a local daily as saying:

“His efforts to run away were futile as young men arrived and helped to arrest him…”

The naked Momanyi was given a thorough beating before being frog marched to the area police post where he denied the act of bestiality.

He said he had gone to get the sheep out of the maize plantation and he felt the urge to relieve himself when the rowdy neighbors pounced on him.

Area resident John Wamui disputed the claims saying that he was lying:

, “…but we found him lying on the sheep. How can a man totally remove his trousers just to relieve himself? It is illogical.”

Momanyi is said to have been caught again in the same act in 2014 and was forced to buy the neighbor sheep.

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